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Lightning Cult
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Arson Anne and Andy

Jupiter and Jove (Lightning Cult) (Earth-616)

"Jupter" and "Jove"

The Lightning Cult was a front for notorious criminals Arson Anne and Andy, two arsonists who were active during the 1940s. They cult "worshipped" the Olympian gods Jupiter and Juno. Arson Anne and Andy disguised themselves as the gods and their gang members posed as loyal followers.

With specially made Roman candles "Jupiter" simulated the ability to shoot lightning. They then lit fire to buildings and sent their minions into the burning building in fire-proof cloaks to rob it of valuables. After a string of successful arsons, one fire attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky who attacked the cult, but the gang escaped into the burning building, which was too dangerous for the heroes to follow. However, they found evidence that the cult robbed the buildings safe and infiltrated their much publicised meeting outside of town. Knowing that they had impostors in their midsts "Jupiter" and "Jove" had their minions subdue Cap and Bucky and revealed the scope of their operation. However, before Arson Andy could strike the two heroes down with a Roman candle blast, they ducked out of the way, causing the blasts to strike the minions.

Captain America and Bucky then easily subdued the two arsonists and used their own weapons to subdue the rest of the cult, who were then turned over to the authorities.

Arson Anne and Andy (Earth-616)

Arson Anne and Andy unmasked.

The fate of the members of the Lightning Cult are unknown.

Equipment: Members of the cult wore specially plastic robes that were fire proof. Presumably Arson Anne and Andy's Jupiter and Jove costumes were made out of the same material.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Arson Andy carried specially made Roman candles that could start fires quickly, they fired from out of the sleeve of his "Jupiter" cloak and resembled lightning bolts.

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