Early Life

Little is known about the history of The Light, born as a Mutant in Singapore. His ability to know whenever people speak the truth allowed him to enter the business world and to earn a fortune which he used to aid mutantkind in what he considered a war against mankind. The Light purchased several locations in Singapore in which to group and protect the mutants of his country.[1]

Mutant Underground of Singapore

When Magneto escaped to Singapore after a confrontation between The X-Men and The Avengers, The Light located him and asked him to lead them in their war against humanity. However, Magneto was trying to change his ways at that moment and he rejected the offer saying war was not the answer to the problems of the mutants and that he preferred to learn to live peacefully.[1]

Magneto was a wanted man and he was followed by government agents who attacked everyone at The Light's headquarters. While there were many causalities, the master of magnetism stopped the soldiers and then joined The Light and the rest of the Singaporean mutants in a another secret home, a ship. There, Magneto used some circuitry which combined with his helmet gave him mental powers that allowed him to dominate the minds of men. He intended to use this ability to erase anti-mutant feelings from all humans. The Light tried to persuade him to use his powers to enslave mankind but after trying his power on Captain America, he was surprised to find that the Sentinel of Liberty had no anti-mutant feelings as he thought and ashamed, he destroyed the circuits and surrendered to the Avenger to face trial, leaving The Light and his group behind.[1]

Some days later a group of mutant haters attacked the ship in which The Light and his group were hiding killing practically all aboard. The Light survived the attack but his activities after that day remain unknown.[1]


  • Lie Detection: the Light has the mutant ability to know when anyone speaks the truth.[1]

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