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The Licorice Men are a race of savages that live in the potentially imaginary realm of Nowhere. They are made entirely of licorice and live on an uncharted island out at sea. They are cannibals who eat other creatures that are made out of sentient candy. In 1942 their island was stumbled upon by Jimmy Jupiter and Captain Cookie. They were soon attacked by the Licorice Men, who only captured Captain Cookie and his crew as Jimmy was not made out of candy. Jimmy saved his friends by unleashing his pet Likker Snik named Fido, a creature that ate nothing but licorice. Seeing the Likker Snik frightened the Licorice Men into fleeing from their tribe. How many were consumed and if any still survive remains to be explored.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



The natural predator of the Licorice Men are Likker Snik's, small dog like creatures that consume nothing but licorice. They are deathly afraid of the creatures.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: Tribal
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: Cannibalistic savages


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