Libertas was a member of the Suffragists, the last remaining resistance to the Nazi zombie regime on Earth-12591. The Suffragists rescued the Ducky Dozen of Earth-616 from the zombified members of the Invaders, with Libertas incinerating Golden Girl with her torch. The Dozen had travelled to their world to stop the Nazi zombies from spreading their infection all over the Multiverse. To this end, the Suffragists took the Dozen back to their headquarters where they were introduced to Zephyr Zog, a Nazi scientist who wished to stop the zombie infection from spreading any further. The Suffragists accompanied Zog and the Dozen on their mission to wipe out the zombie threat. Libertas was killed alongside Flexo and the Blazing Skull by Thor's zombified goats.[1]


  • Libertas had the power of flight.


  • Libertas wore a costume reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.


  • Libertas wielded a torch that was capable of shooting energy blasts that could incinerate a human being.

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