The population of Almost Reno, New Mexico, was rendered sterile by atomic tests. In an effort to control mutant-kind, Odysseus Indigo's Damocles Foundation approached them, and offered to return their ability to have children. The Damocles Foundation injected the townspeople with both mutant and deviant DNA, which restored their fertility and ensured that any of their children would be born superhuman, and thus ideal test subjects for Indigo.

One of these children was Lewis Hammond, who radiated a red glow at all times. He was the first of the Foundation's children to destabilize, as he rapidly began glowing brighter and brighter; within the course of a single school period, he was so bright that no one could look at him.


Lewis perpetually radiated a type of red, glowing energy from his body. Upon the destabilization of his powers, his glow became so bright that it was painful to look upon.

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