Born in San Francisco, Lester Robbins' life was normal until the "Fireworks" event, after which he developed largely unrevealed powers. His first known use of his powers, though, involved teleporting to the bedside of President Eisenhower and congratulating him on his actions regarding Korea. After that, he was imprisoned, and quickly escaped when left momentarily unattended. After that, he was sighted all over the world, including in Japan and in the background of pictures taken at the wedding of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

Later, he would constantly show up in the same place as Veronica Kelly, another superhuman, and a warzone was left in their wake. Eventually, the NSA agents watching them both realized that these battles were just a type of mating ritual. The two eventually consummated their relationship and had a child. Veronica was later killed after being poisoned by NSA agents, and Lester seemingly fell victim to a bomb planted by the same NSA agents.


Teleportation; Large energy signature, capable of doing immense damage

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