Lester Drake was a shady mining engineer hired by Barrie Richards to help work a mine that he inherited following the death of his father. Lester was not beneath the idea of getting slaves to do the work so that the mine could make more of a profit, however Richards refused to do so. When inspecting the mining camp, Barrie would fall through a game trap and break his ankle. Seeing this as a gold opportunity, Lester would shoot Barrie dead and forge documents making it seem as though Richards had sold him the mine.

Going to the corrupt chief Abwama, Lester would give the chieftain gifts in exchange for his people rounding up slaves from rival tribes and helping him capture elephants for mining or poaching their ivory tusks. Lester's operations would soon gain the attention of Ka-Zar who would come to the slave and captured elephants rescue. He would fall through one of the game traps and Lester would make the mistake of throwing him in the elephant pens in the hopes that Ka-Zar would be trampled to death.

Ka-Zar however would convince the elephants to help him by starting a stampede that would trample Lester and Abwama to death, freeing their slaves.


Lester was an expert mining engineer able to run and operate a mine.


Lester had access to a pistol

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