The unnamed Majesdanian alien was an exiled convict from the planet Majesdane. They were intergalactic arms traders to the Skrulls. She came to earth with her husband. The couple took the names of Leslie Dean and Frank Dean, they took their last name from a memorial of James Dean.

They settled in Los Angeles, California, and used a metallic like substance that could repress their natural abilities in order to live among the native humans.

They bought property in a secluded region without any neighbors or overlooking buildings, this allowed them to use their powers without being discovered. The Deans then decided to create a public persona of themselves which was morally upright and caring LA couple. They became popular Hollywood actors on the soap opera General Hospital. They like to show the outside world that they were vegans and liked 60's music such as the The Beatles.

They became members of the Pride when they were abducted by the Gibborim from the set of General Hospital. They jumped at the chance to enhance their powers and wealth. Sometime later when the other members started having children they all decided that the place would be given to them.

They had a daughter they named Karolina Dean, but from day one tried to hide her true heritage. They used the metal that they used on themselves as medical alert bracelet to inhibit her powers, telling her she was allergic to penicillin. The Deans included Karolina in their will with instructions to take off the bracelet, on the event of their death. However, Karolina discovered the will and found out about her true heritage and powers. Their daughter left along with the other children forming the Runaways

The fake personas of her parent were so believable that their young daughter at first refused to believe that her parents were criminals let alone aliens from another planet. She could not believe they were capable of murder, as she stated that they do not even eat meat.

Karolina, after the loss of her parent meets Xavin, a Skrull. Xavin revealed that when Prince De'zean of the Skrulls arrived at Earth to conquer it, the Deans tried to stop the invasion.

In exchange for leaving Earth alone they provided them with the co-ordinates to a more valuable planet for them the conquer, their homeworld of Majesdane, which was hidden beneath a white dwarf star.

To reassure the validity co-ordinates they offered the Prince their daughter's hand in marriage. This meant that Karolina was engaged to the son of the Prince, Xavin of the Skrulls. The Skrulls traveled to Majesdane and began a long fifteen years campaign against the planet. The Deans made this deal as they believed the boy would of been killed in the invasion making the deal null and void. After some vivid dreams involving her parents, she met with a Majesdanian soldier, DaVanti, who revealed that it was her who told the Skrulls where Majesdane was hidden.

Daken, the son of Wolverine comes to LA with hopes of taking over from the power vaccum of the Pride. Daken starts taking a drug that are mixed with Majesdanian blood, known as "Heat Pills" but he regretted this when it started to effect his mutant powers.


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