Leon McKenzie is Namor's nephew. Leon's father Lawrence was Namor's half-brother. After Leonard McKenzie had fathered Namor with the Atlantean Fen he married a human woman and fathered Lawrence. Leon worked for one of the branches of Namor's company Oracle. Leon was also an eco-terrorist who fought Namor as the Black Moray. Leon slept with Llyra when she was disguised as Phoebe Marrs. From this one night stand Llyra's son Llyron was conceived. Leon was last seen in prison.

Leon had attempted to plunder the Endurance the ship of Ernest Shackleton which had a cargo of vibranium. His grandfather Leonard met Namor's mother Fen in 1920 when he tried to recover the same ship.

Black Moray (Earth-616)

Black Moray

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