Lens was a Nazi spy who was sent to the United States to disrupt American society. He would smuggle his "gems of death", jewels tainted with a fast acting poison into the country. Working with American traitor Paul Smythe, owner of the Star Department Store, he had the poisoned jewelery sold to unsuspecting victims.

After a string of bizarre deaths happened, the Whizzer would make the connection with the jewels and determine that all the victims had recently bought them at the department store. Getting a job at the store in his civilian identity, the Whizzler exposed Lens and Smythe, preventing them from putting on a sale that would claim many victims looking for a good bargain.[1]


Lens was a trained spy.


Lens was armed with a pistol. He also employed his "gems of death" diamonds coated with a poison that would kill it's intended victim if they wore it for a prolonged period of time. Those effected would develop a bruises around the area where they wore the jewels at the moment of death.

Die Linse & Optik are the German words for Lens.

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