Lemuria is the home of the underwater race known as the Lemurians. Lemuria was founded by a splinter group of Atlanteans who made their way to the Pacific Ocean whereas Atlantis had been in the Atlantic. [1]

Ancient Times

Before 18,000 BCE, Lemuria was a large continent in the Pacific whose islands were controlled by pirates. An Atlantean named Kull was enslaved by Lemurian pirates and forced to work as a gladiator, where he faced a Wolf Man. Forging an alliance with that Wolf Man, he later slew the wizard Rotath for the Lemurian monarch Asphodel IV.[2]


Great Cataclysm from Eternals Vol 1 2 001

This city of Lemuria was ruled by the Deviants as was most of the world at that time.[3] The human Atlantis was ruled by king Kamuu and his wife Zartra was once a warrior queen of Lemuria. Both the human Lemuria and the human Atlantis were sunk when the Celestials tried to rid the earth of the Deviants in the Great Cataclysm. The Celestials had intended to sink Deviant controlled Lemuria but on the other side of the world the Atlanteans released their magma vents to drive off invading Lemurians. This resulted in both cities (and their continents upon which they sat) sinking and the landscape of the world being dramatically altered. [4]

In time the ruins of the original Atlantis were found by a member of the Homo Mermanus race whose name was also Kamuu. Kamuu and his wife Zartra founded the underwater city of Atlantis from the ruins of the old Atlantis. [5].

Eventually a splinter group emerged among the water breathing Atlanteans. This splinter group arrived in the Pacific Ocean and presumably founded their city of Lemuria. [1]. The people of Lemuria and their worship of the elder god Set has led to the Lemurians evolving scales unlike their Atlantean cousins. The water breathing Lemurians apparently resided on opposite ends of the same sunken continent the Deviants resided on.[6]


Not all of Lemuria sank. Some islands, as confirmed by Pictish oral tradition, seem to have survived, and were the home of the sorcerer Thulandru Thuu. Possibly, these islands were the location of Yamatai, a civilization that resembled the later society of Japan in its feudal period. [citation needed]

Other Lemurians survived by fleeing to the Asian mainland, where they were enslaved by an unnamed society. Eventually, they rebelled, drove away their masters, and set up the nation of Khitai (ancestors of the Chinese), where they worshipped deities such as Tao-Lao, Cheng-Ho, Shou-Lao, and Lei-Kung. (They must also have come into contact with K'un-Lun, the society of aliens with similarly named denizens.)[citation needed]

Other Lemurian-descended societies include the Turanians and Hyrkanians, the latter of whom served as the ancestors of the Mongols and Turks. Evidently, many Lemurians fleeing the Deviants wound up in the Savage Land, which has a society called the Lemurians.[citation needed]

Modern Age

Lemuria (Pacific Ocean)

For 500 years the Lemurians were ruled over by the mad king Naga who wore the Serpent Crown. The crown had kept Naga young but when the crown was stolen from him he began to age. Naga enlisted Karthon the Quester to steal the crown. Once Naga was reunited with the crown it did not restore his youth but he was too mad to believe otherwise. Namor challenged Naga to battle and Naga played a trick and made Namor believe that he had killed Namor's beloved Dorma. In fact Naga had killed Karthon's sister an act Karthon killed Naga for when Naga's back was turned. The Lemurians were for a short time presumably ruled by Karthon [7] but this did not last. Naga's son Merro ascended to the throne and was later murdered by his wife Llyra who became Empress. Llyra was half-human as her mother was human and her father Llyron was Lemurian.



Lemurians were originally depicted as being blue like Atlanteans but with scales. Later depictions have Lemurians appearing green with scales.


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