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The Lemurians are a race of humans living in the Savage Land. They are at a level of technology as Medieval Europe, but still making them one of the most advanced people in the land. The Lemurians might be descendants of the human denizens of pre-Cataclysmic Lemuria. It is theorized that the Lemuran's ancestors settled in Pangea to escape the tyranny of the Deviants, who had conquered Lemuria thousands of years ago. Queen Leanne of Lemura was an ally of Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil, who nevertheless conflicted with them and their "savage" ways at times.[1]

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Comparable to that of medieval Europe
Cultural Traits: Strong loyalty to the monarch
Representatives: Leanne (queen), Ular, Kamin


  • The Lemurans were longtime allies of the Aerians longtime foes of the Pterons.


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