Lemo Douglas was a mad inventor who sought to take over the world. To this end he invented his "mechanical monster" a tank like vehicle capable of burrowing into the ground. It also had a ray that could create vibrations for the purposes of creating localized earthquakes and destroying structures.

When testing out his device, he would be discovered by the giant strong-man known as Hercules who would chase after Lemo's mechanical monster in an attempt to destroy it. Lemo would easily knock the massive hero down with his vibration ray and take Hercules inside for experimentation. However when the hero would revive and struggle to get free, Lemo would panic and flee to his mechanical monster and use it to destroy his home in the hopes of slaying Hercules.

He would fail, and later while rampaging through a small city, Hercules would catch up to the mad man and throw his tank, causing it to explode upon impact, seemingly killing Lemo in the process, ending his threat.


Lemo was a mad genius who was a master inventer


Lemo's home was equipped with a lab for experimentation, his security wall had spikes on top and he had an army of trained attack dogs and guards to defend his estate.


Lemos Mechanical Monster

Lemo's "Mechanical-Monster"

Lemo drove a "Mechanical Monster" an armored vehicle that operated on treads that could burrow deep into the ground. It was armed with a vibration cannon that could cause localized earthquakes when used under ground, or fire a beam that could destroy buildings.

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