Information-silk Official Team Name
Legion of the Doomed
Information-silk Team Aliases
Legion of Doom; Legion of the Damned
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Unidentified Hell-Realm called Hades
Information-silk Current Members
Various unnamed demons
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Legion of the Damned (Earth-616) 003

Legion Messenger

Not much is known about the Legion of the Doomed, they are demonic creatures that come from a fiery realm. In their first recorded appearance, one of their members appeared before Ella Waltin, leaving her a child for her to care for. While she agreed to do so the child's strange eyes and adult sounding voice unnerved her. This led to a call to Dr. Jack Castle, secretly the costumed hero known as Fiery Mask. Castle would find the child's strange voice suspicious as well.
Legion of the Damned (Earth-616) 001

Legion Serial Killer in Baby Form

Legion of the Damned (Earth-616) 002

Legion Serial Killer in Demonic Form

Soon a series of bizarre and violent murders would happen across the city prompting Fiery Mask to investigate. What he would find would be a demonic creature. Following it as it went through the city, he would track it back to the Waltin home. There, Fiery Mask would be horrified to watch as the small child would suddenly transform into the creature he had been tracking. Attempting to stop it's next nightly murder spree, Fiery Mask would fail to stop it from killing two new victims. Attacking it, the creature would attempt to teleport away, taking Fiery Mask to his realm with him.

Attacked by two winged demons, the hero would easily defeat them. Suddenly a massive demonic creature -- presumably their leader would rise from the flames and banish Fiery Mask from the realm. Fiery Mask would wake up in his office in his civilian guise wondering if the whole experience happened. Checking the morning paper he would see that the string of murders mysteriously stopped, and that their last victim was Ella Waltin's husband Ab.[1]

Legion of the Damed (Earth-616) 005

Legion Leader

The purpose of the Legion's murder spree and their use of Ella Walton remains unrevealed.


While the Legion of the Doomed's origins remain unrevealed, it's entirely likely that they are minions of one of the many hell-lords such as Mephisto, Satan, Satannish or Thog.

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