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Legion of Loyalists
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Legionnaires, "Home Guard" Regiment
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Formerly Betty Dean
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Betty Dean, Bob James, Pete, Jack, John (all unrevealed last names), "Millionaire" Morgan
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The Legion of Loyalists would be a group of mostly men gathered by police officer Betty Dean to be a "home guard" regiment of the United States prior to the country's entry into World War II. It consisted of various men trained to fight and equipment and possibly funding provided by a millionaire named Morgan.

Betty would call the group into action when she would receive a distress call from Luther Robinson. Robinson and his female companion Lynne Harris were virtual prisoners in Atlantis by the Sub-Mariner who had them both modified to breath under water and was going to force Lynn to marry him. Betty would go on a furlough of her police duties to gather the Legion, calling favors with munitions providers and Morgan to man an expedition to the Antarctic location of Atlantis.

Travelling out by armed yachts, they would attack Atlantis with air craft and ground troops armed with flame throwers. With Namor held at bay, Betty would free Luther and Lynne and trick Namor into following a decoy plane, allowing the Legion to escape and their mission accomplished.[1]

The Legion was not gathered again since, likely it's members (with the exception of Betty) would be drafted into military service when America officially entered the war

Other Members

John (Legion of Loyalists) (Earth-616)

John (Legion of Loyalists) (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 18 0001


John faced the Sub-Mariner with a flamethrower.[1]


Equipment: The Legion of Loyalists had breathing gear to allow them to breath under water.
Transportation: The Legion had access to fully armed yachts and fighter planes.
Weapons: The Legion was armed with rifles, grenades and flame throwers.

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