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The Magician was a stage magician who would use his stage act to rob rich party guests and so the Magician robbed a yacht party being thrown by a wealthy socialite and kidnapped the Wasp who was there to make Giant-Man jealous. In response Henry set up a phony yacht party and used it to lure the Magician into a trap and captured him, saving Jan in the process and the Magician was taken to prison.[2] He escaped during a prison break, but was recaptured by the Wasp on her own as Henry was out of town.[3]

After leaving prison, Lee moved to Tampa with a dancer girl named Chastity and started a new family, leaving his son behind.[4]


Whether he used real magic or trickery is unknown


  • Master pickpocket
  • Formidable hypnotist
  • Can make an assortment of animals and objects appear
  • Appear and disappear at will, though its known on some occasions he had the aid of a blue coloured blimp and a levitating rope


  • A cane containing a powerful suction device
  • A levitating cane that could locate and point out desired targets
  • "Opto-ray magnifying glass"
  • A trained hunting rabbit

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