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Lee Franks is a liaison to the Hellfire Club and a mutant operative to Black Air in England. Having had enmity with Peter Wisdom before his involvement with Excalibur in his turnaround with the team in the 1990's. Nicknamed Scratch, Lee Franks was despised by Peter Wisdom for his indifference for human life and sadism through the intelligence ranks. Lee Franks would be instructed by Sebastian Shaw to pick up a mystical codex to release a demon consecrated in London's underground sewer lines in an effort to control it as a weapon on the people of England through the British faction of Hellfire Club. A coup within Hellfire Club had a member ask Captain Britain/Brian Braddock to join the Hellfire Club in a presumed civil war and insurrection between the North American and British factions of the Hellfire Club. Brian Braddock tied himself to the Hellfire Club, as the Black Bishop through birthright, in effort to destroy the Club within and eliminate the mutant murderer Mountjoy. Nightcrawler would later front himself as temporary leader to Excalibur as to give aid to Alistaire Stuart in his escape from the CIA to forward the team on the conspiracies of Black Air and the Hellfire Club to manifest a puppet government to Parliament through occult and alien derived resources taken by Black Air. Scratch would abduct Douglock to use his bio-tech body and computerized mind to hack through a super-computer to exercise counter-spells to release the demon of London to create mystical turmoil with assistance of Margali Szardos as the appointed Red Queen. Sabotages set by Captain Britain would have him contend against Emma Steed and Mountjoy in disguise as Scribe while the remaining Excalibur team attempted to retrieve Douglock aided with Daytripper. In Margali Szardos efforts of releasing the demon essence from Black Air that left innocent people afflicted into violent outbursts, Excalibur was unaffected by these mob rioting magics either due to unforeseen mystical protection against the demon or unmentioned charms by Daytripper. Peter Wisdom would contend to a battle against a fleeing Scratch in the streets of London that would leave Scratch injured for legal authorities to capture him for war crimes after Excalibur would consecrate the demon in London once more, overthrow Black Air and lead to a temporary dismantled crippling of the Hellfire Club. Lee Franks has not been formally seen since arrested by British legal forces.


Scratch is with super-strength, super-speed, vast leaping abilities, enhanced durability and able to emit bio-thermal heat blasts from his body.


Scratch is effective in espionage, various armed/ unarmed combat, and accesses to occult information.


Scratch has enhanced resilience and powers but can be killed through mortal wounds, albeit with difficulty.


Traditional firearms and some arcane tomes.

Scratch may have an alternate reality version of himself known as Mister Scratch also written/conceived by Warren Ellis through the Counter X series of X-Man.

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