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Lee Elias

Lee Elias

Real Name
Lee Elias
Marvel Comics; DC; Fiction House; Harvey; Warren

Penciler, Inker, Cover Artist, [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]], [[Category:Marvel Staff/s|]]


Place of Birth
Manchester , England

Date of Birth
Date of Death

May 21, 1920
April 8, 1998

Personal History

Lee Elias moved to the United States as a boy. Elias studied art at the Cooper Union and the Art Students League.

Professional History

Lee worked at Timely Comics during the Golden-Age of comics as a penciler, inker and a cover artist. However, the work he is most noted for was created for the Harvey Comics' Black Cat title.

Work History

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