Lee Bradford was captain of the Sky-Sharks, a group of fighter pilots that fought for the Allies during World War II. His reputation had earned him the nickname "Captain Daring". By the winter of 1943, he had learned that Lieutenant Raeger was working for the Nazis and was responsible for the capture of Colonel Welling by the Nazis. When he attempted to apprehend Raeger in a Southhampton tea shop, he was ironically stopped by the colonel's daughter Valerie, who mistook Daring's exploits as empty bragging rather than heroic exploits. However after Raeger escaped, she soon learned her mistake. Despite the misunderstanding, Daring vowed to rescue her father.

To this end, Daring and his fellow Sky-Shark Zeke Mallon would participate in a prisoner exchange in Berlin, going there to exchange the Nazi agent Marshall von Hapz for Colonel Welling. However, this turned out to be nothing more than a double cross and both Daring and Zeke were captured and locked up with Welling. To their surprised they were assisted in escaping by Raeger, whom they learned was really a double agent working for the allies. During their escape, Raeger was fatally shot and Daring promised to tell of his bravery upon his return to England.

Escaping to the airfield where their plane was kept, Daring and the others were held back by Nazi forces until a surprise attack by the other Sky-Sharks cleared the path. Daring returned to London along with Zeke, Welling and with Von Hapz once more their prisoner. Upon his return to London, Daring was thanked by Valerie for saving her father with a kiss.

Lee Bradford (Earth-616) from Ant-Man Last Days Vol 1 1 001

Valhalla Villas

Lee Bradford later appeared as a resident of Valhalla Villas, a retirement home for ex-heroes and ex-villains located in Miami. He was among the residents that were temporarily de-aged by Mary Morgan, who used an unnamed Asgardian artifact during a world-ending event known as an incursion.[1]


Captain Daring is a skilled fighter pilot.

  • There was another character called Captain Daring published at around the same time but the two appear to be completely unrelated.

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