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The League of Hate were a group of Nazi spies who were active during World War II. They were hand picked by Adolf Hitler to try and destroy the American way of life. To this end, he had these minions purposely maimed and wounded, then had them assume the identities of killed American soldiers and sent back to America.

From there, they began sowing dissent among Americans, spreading racist ideals by smashing headstones of soldiers, wrecking stores, and leaving signs protesting "foreigners" for ruining America. Their covers as wounded American soldiers gave them much credibility.

However one group operating in the town of Middleville found opposition from the local mayor and a true American soldier who was blinded in combat. To stop their interference, they murdered the blind soldier and framed the mayor for the murder. However the timely arrival of Captain America and Bucky (invited to town by the late soldier) investigated the murder and exposed the Nazi spy operation. Before the spies in Middleville could escape, Captain America and Bucky captured them. With the FBI informed of the spies activities, their cells across the country were dismantled.

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