Quote1 When it comes your time to die...Sing your death song and die like a hero going home. Quote2
-- Le Necrogateur src

Le Necrogateur was a member of the French secret agency known as Le Bureau Discret who are in charge of all of France's covert operations. He was present when one of his fellow teammates, Anaïs was knocked unconscious by Cable and his group X-Force. Le Necrogateur used his telepathic abilities of reading the mind of Anaïs's "dead" body not knowing that Cable used a suspended animation bullet to fake it in order to capture him.[1]

Le Necrogateur (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 4 4 002

Visual of Antonio's memories

After Fantomex took out the rest of the Le Bureau Discret, they body-slid back to base so Necrogateur could read the mind of the dead mutant, Antonio Aggasiz in hopes of getting information out of him about Volga. He was able to extract memories of Volga having Antonio transport to Earth-1287 and others to steal weaponry and other technology.[1]


  • Necropathy: Le Necrogateur has the telepathic ability to extract and read the minds of the deceased. He can also project those thoughts visually so others could see them to.[1]

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