Lazarus, like his sister Domino, is the result of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop the perfect weapon. Unlike siblings who either weren't mutants or didn't survive the rigors of testing were deemed a failure while he was deemed a success for his ability. As an embryo, he was placed in cryo-freeze and experimented upon to make him the ultimate living weapon in the 21st century he was allowed to grow but wasn't allowed to be around people other than doctors who were always experimenting upon him.

His mother who knew about him deemed him too dangerous to live and was searching for him to kill him. Domino who was investigating about her origin infiltrated the base he was locked in and reached the Armageddon Weapon chamber only to find her younger brother who was 5 years old. Domino took her brother and was on her way out until they were confronted by their mother. After hearing what her mother wanted she protected her brother who after seeing violence, pain and hate used his power to stop everyone from hurting each other. However, his power didn't affect his mother and sister and Domino was forced to shoot her mother who almost killed her son.[1]

After escaping the base Domino took her brother to the same church she was raised in. However, Beatrice who didn't die found him and she was seen with blade in her arm took him.[2] It can be assumed that he was killed by his mother.


  • Mind Manipulation

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