Laurent operated Madam Trudeau's Museum De' Wax in Montreal. At some point, a meteor landed in his backyard and he was able to use the "space wax" to craft lifelike sculptures for the museum. He created an exhibit of American heroes that he hoped would teach Canadians the danger of idolizing those heroes. Instead, he wanted Canadians to feel a greater sense of pride in their own nationality. [1]

When fledgling Alpha Flight members Puck and Major Mapleleaf visited, they paid respects to the heroes, angering Laurent. He used his control over the wax statues to make them "come to life," replicating the powers of the heroes on which they were based. Puck and Mapleleaf called in the rest of the team and battled the statues - which could duplicate the powers but were far less durable. The conflict was brought to an end when Puck knocked out Laurent. Without his control, the statues froze in place.[1]


  • "Space wax"

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