There are a number of accounts regarding the history of Lash Larribee. The only explanation that can be provided is that some of Kid Colt's early adventures were adapted into dime novel stories which contained significant changes to the actual accounts.[1]

First Account

According to the first record of Lash Larribee, he was a depute in the town of Purgatory during the days of the American Frontier. Both he and the local sheriff were cruel men, and Lash in particular to a liking to whipping his opponents in the street. One day, Blaine Colt came across Lash whipping a local named Gabby and stepped in the way. Lash mocked Colt for the fact that he refused to wear guns and whipped the boy as well. The sheriff broke up the fight and ordered Gabby to get Colt out of town.

Upon hearing how his son was beat, Dan Colt rode into town to confront Lash in order to not become a laughing stock among the other ranchers once they heard about how Blaine was whipped. When confronting the Sheriff and Lash, Dan Colt was shot dead by the sheriff. The pair then pinned the murder on Blaine and arrested him. However Gabby broke him out of jail and the two soon learned the truth. While Blaine went to confront the sheriff, he sent Gabby to get their horses. Gabby was confronted by Lash who fatally shot the old man. Blaine meanwhile had shot the sheriff dead in a duel and rushed out to find Lash whipping the mortally wounded Gabby. Blaine then attacked, shooting Lash's hand before he could draw his gun. Blaine then grabbed Lash's whip and whipped him to death.

With a posse that was sent out to search for him riding out of town, Blaine fled into the night, an outlaw who soon became known as Kid Colt.[2]


Lash carried a pistol and a whip.

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