The man who became known as the Leopard was arrested for an undisclosed crime in 1930. Early during his term in prison, he attempted to escape but was captured when he was electrocuted by the electric fence surrounding the prison. The incident horribly scarred his face, earning him the nickname Leopard. After the failed escape attempt, the Leopard appeared to become a model prisoner, and took great interest working in the machine shop. Unknown to all, the Leopard was educating himself in electricity and developing a technology that he would use later when he was released from prison. Fifteen years later, in 1945, the Leopard was released from his twenty year sentence on good behaviour.

Free once again, the Leopard devised special weapons that fired electrified bullets that were lethal to anyone and started a massive crime wave with his gang, killing all who got in their way. Eventually Captain America and Bucky were called in to try and stop the gang from robbing a bank. The bullets destroyed Cap's shield, and Bucky was struck down by a bullet, but surprisingly survived thanks to lead foil he had in his pocket.

With a means of defending himself against the Leopard, Captain America had the authorities promise to allow the Leopard safe passage out of town, escorted by Captain America, if he promises to stand down and stop killing innocent people. The Leopard, suspecting a trap, agreed and invited Captain America into his hideout. There, the gang attempted to ambush Cap, but their bullets were deflected by his new shield, which was coated in lead. As Captain America beat the Leopard into submission, his gang attempted to escape. Cap used the Leopard's own gun to shoot the gang's getaway vehicle destroying it in a massive explosion. With his gang dead, the Leopard was turned back over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.




The Leopard developed "electric pistols" that fired rubber bullets that contained a powerful electric charge. Those who were struck by the bullets were killed instantly. The bullets could also destroy certain kinds of metal. However, the bullets lethal charge could be deflected with lead.

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