Lanie was a teenage girl who used to live in Forest Hill and for unknown reason ran away from home and was found by the Grapplers who forced her to become the new Screaming Mimi then they used her to "call" Songbird via direct sound only she and Songbird can hear. When Songbird who was hearing the sound for days tracked the sound to it's source she found Grapplers and Lanie, Songbird told her to leave before it's too late but Letha used her new power to force her to attack Songbird. The other Grapplers attacked Songbird but were defeated and Lanie was too afraid to do anything, Songbird talkedto her and allowed her to go. The Grapplers told Songbird that they will return for Lanie but Songbird told them if they did she will make sure they stay dead. Lanie return home and the next day she return to school and meet her friends who ask her where she was, Lanie tell them it doesn't matter and asked them to fill her on what she missed[1].


Possibly same as Songbird but without the experience.

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