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Early years

Centuries ago, the Kymellians experimented with a formula to generate energy from anti-matter, but destroyed their home planet, Kymellia. Many Kymellians survived, and created a new home: a huge artificial world named Kymellia II. Kymellians have the latent potential of superpowers. These include abilities they consider 'lesser' such as teleportation and healing, and other, 'major' ones. Mastering the major powers is very rare among them. The Kymellians' ancestral enemies, the Snarks, call them "Sorcerers" for their powers, although no magic is actually involved.[1]


Inhuman Kymellians from Fantastic Four Vol 1 577 001

Kymellian "Inhumans"

Thehe Kree experimented on Kymellians to create weapons, changing them into Inhumans. Those experimentes involved them consuming the nectar that blooms from the Antigen Tree, a mutagenic substance able to trigger powers.[2]

Power Pack

Aelfyre "Whitey" Whitemane and his Smartship Friday a sentient starship, one of many used by Kymellians, called Friday after the character in Robinson Crusoe (after Aelfyre's interest in human literature), were studying Earth when a human scientist, Dr. James Power, was about to commit the same mistake that destroyed Kymellia. Whitey tries to ask his people for permission to interfere and save the Earth, but his message is intercepted by another race the Zn'rx (pronounced "Snarks"), and they kidnap Dr. Power and his wife Margaret to learn the anti-matter formula. Whitey is mortally wounded in the process. Whitey rescues Power's four children, and grants them the powers he had mastered as a Kymellian Sorcerer: control over gravity and the abilities to fly, to change his molecular density, and to convert matter into energy. With this final act, Whitey perishes. The children use their new powers to save the world and their parents, and become the superhero group Power Pack.[1]

Months later, Power Pack travel to Kymellia II, where they learn that most Kymellians thought poorly of Whitey's decision, and that their culture was under the influence of a ruthless Kymellian Technocrat. The Pack even had to fight the Kymellian champions, Force Four, a team of four Kymellian Sorcerers. The Pack defeated them, and then saved the Kymellians from the Zn'rx with Kofi's help. During these events, Ghostmare became The Matriarch, the Kymellians' spiritual leader, and established a new planet, Kymellia III.[3]

Kymellians were among the allied forces assembled against the Builders.[4]

Alternate Realities

Since the superhero team known as Power Pack received their powers from a dying Kymellian, it can be assumed that this alien race exists in some form or another in any reality in which there is an incarnation of Power Pack.


In the alternate reality of Earth-5631, the Kymellians are one of seven alien species who, at some point in history, discovered the anti-matter formula, but in their attempt to harness this power caused their planet to be destroyed. Along with the other races that lost their planets this way, including the Snarks, they forged the remains of their world into Patchworld and outlawed the Anti-Matter technology. Patchworld itself is ruled by the Synod, a government body with representatives from each of the species living there. The leader of this Synod is a Kymellian called High Lord Byrel.[5]

Like the Earth-616 Kymellians, the Kymellians of this reality are naturally born with the ability to master the four fundamental forces of the universe: Gravity, Density, Energy and Velocity. Only few of them ever manage to fully master these powers. These Kymellians are known as sorcerers.[5]

Powers and Abilities


All Kymellians possess some power to manipulate gravity, acceleration, mass, and/or energy but the level of powers vary greatly and no two Kymellians are exactly alike in their powers. Most of them can develop their powers further with training and maturity.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Atmosphere: Apparently comparable to Earth's


Type of Government: Technocracy. It is not described but technology plays a huge role in determining the leadership.
Cultural Traits: Heavy reliance on technology. Tendency to disregard arts and emotions but there are many individuals who are exceptionally interested in arts and emotions.


In the Humorverse the alternate version of the Kymellians are the Smellians.


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