Kurt Mueller was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. After the German government bought the alliance of the Dhaka Tribe of the Malay Archipelago, Mueller was installed as their ruler. The tribe referred to him as "Kuoli", meaning "King of the Islands" and followed his orders religiously. He was later sent to eliminate and replace as US soldier Lieutenant Conroy in order to steal secret plans being transported to Singapore.

Posing as Conroy, he piloted Colonel Carter and his aides Steve Rogers and James Barnes. He pretended to crash near the Malay islands. Stealing the plans, he then had his loyal tribe capture his "comrades". Separated from Colonel Carter, Rogers and Barnes changed into Captain America and Bucky and attempted to rescue Carter only to be captured.

After the heroes learned "Conroy's" true identity and his mission objectives, he then prepared to toss Carter into a sacrificial flame. Captain America and Bucky broke free and during the fight, Mueller was knocked into the flames he was going to toss Carter in, burning alive.


Mueller was a trained spy, and soldier


When posing as Conroy, he was given an aircraft to pilot.


When operating in Malay, Mueller wielded a pistol and a scimitar.

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