In this reality, Evan Sabahnur ascended and became Apocalypse. He became the greatest threat Earth had ever faced which forced Wolverine to create an X-Force comprised of various heroes. Together they managed to defeat Evan and saved the world. In order to prevent someone like Evan from threatening the Earth again, X-Force were elected as the new rulers of Earth. X-Force first killed every villain and criminal and then began killing people preemptively as soon as they made up their minds to commit a crime.


Presumably those of Kurt Wagner (Earth-616)#Powers or Kurt Darkholme (Earth-295)#Powers.

It is unknown if he is the future of Kurt Wagner,[1] or his Age of Apocalypse's counterpart, Kurt Darkholme.[2]

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  1. Deceased during the adventures of that X-Force; Likely to be resurrected in 2013 in the Amazing X-Men Vol 2.
  2. Part of the X-Force at that time; Killed during the X-Termination.

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