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Quote1 The peace lover of this world think to defeat me! They besieged my fortress! They intend to starve me out! But when you have built the ultimate weapon for me, an electro-death ray, the I shall conquer them all! Quote2
-- Kulla src

Kulla was the ruler of another dimension. He kidnapped scientists from Earth in order to force them to build an Electro-Death Ray to conquer the peace loving people of his dimension. he accomplished this using a human accomplice on Earth and Henry Pym was soon targeted. Transported to Kulla's realm Pym refused to work for Kulla and found himself locked in a dungeon. Changing into Ant-Man, Pym found he could control the strange insects that lived in that realm and used them to assassinate Kulla. With Kulla defeated the rebels in his domain took over and returned Pym and all the other scientists to their home dimension. [1].

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