Kull of Valusia was a great warrior and king of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, circa 18,500 BC, originated from barbaric Atlantis.[citation needed]

He would face many enemies, including the Commorians,[citation needed] the Elder Race sorcerer Thulsa Doom,[citation needed] the Serpent Cult of the Serpent Men,[citation needed] Ohris Dehjmal and his followers,[2][3][4][5][6] among others.

He would became a legend during the Hyborian Age,[citation needed] and a fiction character from stories of Robert Howard wrote.[7]

Origin and early years



Kull was enslaved by Lemurian pirates and forced to work as a gladiator, where he faced a Wolf Man, and forging an alliance with.[citation needed]

He later slew the wizard Rotath for the Lemurian monarch Asfodel IV (Earth-616).[citation needed]

King of Valusia


The deities who later became known as the Elder Gods of the Hyborian Age intended to make King Kull of Valusia the vessel of their power, but chose instead to make the immortal cat, Sedrick (felinized by the dark sorcerer Thulsa Doom) the container of their power.[citation needed]

For this, Kull slew Thulsa Doom. Varnae, who served in the Cult of the Darkholders under Thulsa Doom, became injured during the battle. On the verge of dying, Varnae was transformed into the first vampire by sorcerers of Atlantis by using the Darkhold.[citation needed]

The Serpent People, nonhuman but humanoid offspring of Set, also became enemies of Kull because he was the renowned slayer of Thulsa Doom.[citation needed] They were later exterminated with Kull's help.[citation needed]


Robert Howard wrote stories about King Kull circa 1932.[7] It is unknown how Howard came to know of Kull.


King Kull did not possess any known superhuman powers/abilities, however, during his time spent as a gladiator, pirate, assassin, and king, he engaged in intensive and extensive regular exercise. This imbued Kull with peak human[citation needed] attributes of strength,[citation needed] speed,[citation needed] stamina,[citation needed] durability,[citation needed] agility,[citation needed] and reflexes.[citation needed]


King Kull was an excellent all-around armed and unarmed combatant,[citation needed] extensively trained in the warfare of the Thurian Age.[citation needed] Kull was also highly intelligent and prone to lose himself in philosophical contemplation.[citation needed]

Strength level

Peak Human: King Kull possessed the strength of a man of his unusual (at the time) size/build who engaged in intensive and extensive regular exercise. Kull was a feral child growing up, effectively removing the mental blocks most other humans place on physical might. This combined with his naturally athletic and strong build, as well as his years of training, granted him near superhuman strength.[citation needed]






Throughout his adventures, Kull preferred a battle axe as his weapon of choice.[citation needed] Later as King, Kull would favor a broadsword in addition to his axe.[citation needed]

  • Kull was one of the characters featured in the series of Marvel Value Stamps issued in the 1970's.
    Kull Marvel Value Stamp

    Marvel Value Stamp #21

  • Kull's totem was the tiger.[8]

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