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Kulan Gath exists in an alternate reality which is a continuation of the original timeline in which Kulan Gath transformed Manhattan and killed Spider-Man. Gath went on to kill many other super-heroes, and reverted the entire world back to a primitive age which he ruled over, turning the population into a barbarian army under his control. He had just executed Mr. Fantastic, symbolizing his final triumph over the modern age of science and super-human heroes, when alternate universe versions of X-51 and Hyperion arrived hoping to warn the people of that reality of the Celestial seed in the Earth's core. When Gath revealed that the Celestial seed was the source of his power, Hyperion killed him, allowing X-51 to pass on information to the people of that reality to help them save their world.


Seemingly those of Kulan Gath (Earth-616)#Powers.

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