Krollar was one of three aliens in the Mega-Monsters sent by the Megans to Earth with plans of conquest. Along with Triax and Rhiahn, he fought against Godzilla and Red Ronin. Ultimately, Krollar lost his life when Godzilla unleashed his atomic fire breath upon him.[1]


  • Krollar is able to endure the airless vacuum of space without any form of protection.[2]
  • The insect monster is able to burrow through solid rock at a tremendous speed and is able to spit the rubble from his tunneling as a sort of makeshift projectile.[1]
  • Krollar's lamprey-like mouth is able to generate an intense vacuum-like force that can pull entire buildings into his jaws. The monster is also able to latch onto an enemy with this clinging, sucking bite, though the strength of such a bite will not be enough to penetrate an especially strong hide, such as that of Godzilla.[1]
  • Krollar's horn is a cybernetic augmentation and so can be retracted when he burrows, then released to effectively anchor the monster in the ground.[1]
  • Krollar is also able to use his numerous legs to effect tremendous leaps, enabling him to 'explode' from the earth when he has burrowed beneath a foe.[1]

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