Kristoff Vernhard was an orphan in the nation of Latveria. He was adopted for a time by their self-imposed monarch, Dr Doom. When Dr Doom was presumed dead, Kristoff was placed in a suit of armor, had Doom's memories implanted and his intelligence artificially enhanced. He served as ruler of Latveria for a time before the real Doom returned.

For a brief period, Kristoff was allied with the Fantastic Four where he learned that his father was Nathaniel Richards, Reed Richards' father. He also met and developed a relationship with Cassie Lang, daughter of Ant-Man who was serving as the FF's technical adviser.

Kristoff would later return to Latveria just before the war between Namor and Doom and disappeared. When Cassie, now the Avenger known as Stinger, went to investigate, he'd taken up the role of Doom again, protecting Doom's arsenal from those who would loot it. His final measure, taken just after he was reunited with Cassie was to "disappear" again along with Doom's castle.


Kristoff is a super-genius with expertise in various fields.


He often employed armor resembling Dr. Doom's which offered him a protective force field as well as concussive force blasts.

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