Krauncha also referred to as Nirvana[1] is home to the Daevas a race of being who were worshiped as Gods in the Hindu religion by the people of Ancient India and much of the Mid East on Earth. The realm is located on the fifth of seven of oceans surrounding Loka (directional space), separating Aloka (non-directional space). It is also home to the Asura a race of Demons.[2]


Thor visited "Nirvana" along with other worlds in the celestial pantheon. When all the other Asgardians were killed, Thor tried to can gain a portion of life-force from the other pantheons, he may be able to revive them. The pantheons gladly give up a portion of their power, except for Shiva. Thor battles him for it. Thor defeats him and then uses the granted power to revive Odin and the Asgardians.[1]

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Thor and Amadeus Cho followed Vali Halfling to Krancha where he used his newfound power to control the Asura to grab on to the King of Snakes and turned the Mount Mandara so it churns the Milky Ocean until the sacred Moon-Cup was revealed. Cho knocked out Thor using a combination of magic and earthly technology and battled Vali. Vali summoned his children the Pantheon to help in the fight, which also brought Delphyne who was battling one at the time. During the battle Cho drank the Ink from the Book of Thoth in the Moon-Cup becoming one with the Universe.[2]


It is unclear from the comics whether “Krauncha” and “Nirvana” are used interchangeably, or whether Krauncha is a geographical feature within the realm of Nirvana (similar to Avalon within Otherworld). The comics do make clear that Nirvana is an entire "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth that can be reached by freeing one's mind of craving, anger, and suffering;[3] whereas Krauncha is merely a continent.[2]

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