The Kraken race was born many millennia ago. The exact date is unknown. The creature now most often lies dormant in the seas, but can be called into battle by the sounds of a special horn called the "Proteus Horn". In modern days, this Horn was found by the villain Attuma who stored it in his cave for later use, but never did use it. The horn was later found by the villain Andromeda, who blew the Horn and used one of the Kraken to attack Atlantis. The attack was diverted by the Atlanteans, who used their strength to destroy the entrance to Atlantis. The rocks that fell trapped the Kraken creature deep within.

During the Hyborian Age following the Great Cataclysm, a black kraken dwelled three days out from the Barachan Isles on the ocean floor (presumably a shallow region). While searching for the source of massive kidnappings of his people, Conan, then the king of Aquilonia, sailed into the area that was the kraken’s hunting grounds. Presumably influenced by the priests of Xotli, the kraken extended its tentacles up to the surface, reaching aboard the Cimmerian’s ship, and snatching away two of its crewmen. Conan was soon grabbed too, but used an axe to slash one of the monster’s eyes. The agonized kraken released its grip on Conan, who then blinded the creature’s other eye before swimming to the surface. Whether or not the kraken died from its injuries or continued to hunt by sense of touch is unknown.[1]

  • According to Conan, the symbol of the black kraken is an emblem of the old witch kings of Atlantis.

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