The Kraken was an ancient sea creature kept in an Atlatean Colosseum. Loki, disguised as the recently defected Mandarin, called on the beast to destroy the Ultimate Alliance. The beast called on brainwashed Atlantean servants but it's wild attacks destroyed the support beams to the structure they were in, and roof collapsed in on it, killing the Kraken.


Seemingly those of Kraken (Earth-616)#Powers.

The Kraken appears in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. It is depicted as as a fishman monster with four arms instead of tentacles. Summoned by Loki (in disguise as Mandarin at the time) to delay the heroes in Atlantis, it must be defeated by attacking continuously until it breaks one of the four columns ringing the room. By entering the shattered columns, the player activates a button-pressing minigame that enables him or her to damage The Kraken. This Kraken bears resemblance to the same creature from the movie Clash of the Titans.

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