Early Life

Their parents Mowfus and Bisq were an extraterrestrial from the planet Quon. Their species are amphibious and prefer to spend most of their time submerged in water. Their ship crashed landed on Earth and was forced to make his home in the Florida Everglades. They found refuge for them and their unborn offspring; hid in a cave known as the "Lost Lagoon", to keep away from the natives.[1]

Power Pack

Mowfus was forced to leave behind their unborn children in the Lost Lagoon. But the eggs were discovered by a group of deep sea explorers. Mowfus attacked their ship, and was able to get a couple of the eggs back into the water. The crew was saved by Power Pack, who were on vacation in Florida. Bisq took human form and tried to recover one of the eggs from a museum, but failed. The crew returned to find more and Bisq attacked. She was knocked out by the captain and Mowfus came to the rescue. Franklin Richards learned the identity of the creatures from his father and convinced him to stop. Power Pack used their powers to heal his Bisq as the eggs began to hatch naming them Bruuk, Koln and Xak. Mowfus and his family departed the planet yet again.[2]

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