Operating out of the 'Tranquil Tea,' Kodiak is a large super-strong enforcer working for Canis. Claiming he is seeking to bring harmony and balance by brutally beating his opponents, Kodiak is merciless in his attacks. After Canis was broken from jail by Lady Octopus, Kodiak was hired to ensure Canis' former underlings remained loyal to him by means of intimidation. First attacking Max Tomalino and the rest of the Dockside Social Club, then brutalizing 'Handsome' Richie Valentine before encountering Spider-Girl. Kodiak, claiming to sense great conflict in Spider-Girl, offered to relieve this before he beat Spider-Girl into unconsciousness. Spider-Girl soon tracked Kodiak down and had to use chunks of debris to beat him into submission, forcing her to reconsider her use of force.


Super Strength

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