What follows is a list of known vampires, all vampires listed here are native to the Earth-616 dimension unless otherwise stated. Further anyone exanguinated by a vampire potentially may have become a vampire also. Dracula has at many times fed off people to add to his vampire legions. However, in many cases they may not have risen or were staked or their bodies destroyed before they could be risen. This list only contains vampires who have risen from death and operated as a vampire only.

While many of these vampires were destroyed by conventional means, many have fates that are unrevealed. Ultimately they would have all been destroyed when the Montesi Formula when it was recited in Doctor Strange Vol 2 #62. When the spell was broken, most vampires were restored to life, including (theoretically) many of the vampires listed below.

For more information about the Vampire race, see Vampires.

  • Dracula: Long time king of the vampires, his defeat at the hands of Abraham van Helsing in the 19th Century. That defeat was transcribed in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, a factual account that has mostly been dismissed as fiction. Dracula has returned from the dead many times and has many alternate reality counterparts. For more information on Dracula in all his incarnations, refer to the Dracula profile.
  • Ancient vampire Count Vicaro terrorized a small town until he was exposed to sunlight by the Angel in 1942 who later burned his corpse.[2]
  • Count Varnis existed on Vampire Mountain near Camp Lehigh for centuries. In 1943 he was slain by Captain America. Varnis had a butler who was also a vampire, he crumbled to dust upon the death of Varnis. Private Joe Dawson of the United States Army was also transformed into a vampire by Count Varnis. He reverted back to human form after Varnis was slain.[3]
  • Mona Welles was transformed into a vampire by being forced to drink a potion of disgrace after being accused of stealing an Aztec tribes god image. She was killed by the Sub-Mariner.[4]
  • Madame la Morte was a vampire who lived in the Rosetti catacombs in Europe. She was uncovered by explorers and slain by Marvel Boy in 1951.[5]
  • Lianda was responsible for turning Dracula into a vampire.[6]
  • Jean was Dracula's first victim after he was accidentally resurrected by Clifton Graves[7]. She was used by Dracula to get revenge against Drake and Graves for stealing his coffin. She met her end in when she was out past sunrise and disintegrated.[8]
  • An Unnamed Night Porter had the unfortunate luck of watching over one of Dracula's stolen coffins in a storage room in London. When Dracula came to retrieve it with his slave Clifton Graves, the Porter aided them in removing it. However, when they dropped the coffin and gold coins rolled out, the greedy Porter met his mortal end and was exanguanted by Dracula. His body was found by Frank Drake and his vampire hunting allies who were taken by the police back to Scotland Yard headquarters. The Porter soon rose as a vampire and was killed by Drake and his friends. While a sad addition to Dracula's vampire thrall, the Night Porter convinced Inspector George Chelm of the existence of vampires, after which he gave Quincy Harker and his band of vampire hunters complete support from the Scotland Yard.[9]
  • Ilsa Strangeway was an ageing model who became obsessed with restoring her youth by Occult means and after having read Bram Stoker's Dracula, she purchased Dracula's Castle from Frank Drake.[9] She made a bargain with Dracula to become a vampire in exchanged for a Demon Mirror, hoping that the transformation would restore her youth. When she realized that being a vampire did not restore her youth at all, horrified at what she had become, she allowed Rachel Van Helsing to kill her by means of a stake through the heart.[10]
  • Lenore was turned into a vampire sometime prior to Dracula's defeat at the hands of Abraham van Helsing. Dracula had her sealed in a mystical bottle filled with blood to release her at a time when her services were needed. This bottle was stored in Castle Dracula. When Dracula travelled back in time to the 19th Century in a plot to kill Abraham van Helsing, Dracula freed Lenore in order to stop vampire hunters (led by Abraham's descendant Rachel van Helsing) from the present from stopping him.[11] The plot failed and Dracula and Lenore fled back to the present. In a later fight with Rachel and her vampire hunters Dracula used Lenore as a shield when Dracula's own descendant Frank Drake attempted to fire a stake at the vampire lord. Lenore's death covered Dracula's escape.[12]
  • Heinrich Mortte was was a reluctant vampire who ran a doctors office, keeping his true nature secret to his daughter Adrian. However during his servitude to Dracula he created a device called a Projector, a device that could resurrect the dead as vampires. After being poisoned by Quincy Harker, Dracula forced Mortte to perform a complete blood transfusion to expunge the poison from his body. He then forced Heinrich to bring him the Projector. However, when Dracula sendt his army of vampires to kill Heinrich's daughter, Mortte battled Dracula, and destroyed the device. Horrified at what he had helped create, Mortte killed himself by purposely impaling himself on the fence posts of a cemetery.[13]
  • Projector Vampires were an army of the dead resurrected as vampires by Dracula using a device called the Projector, created by Heinrich Mortte. Mortte destroyed this device, causing all those risen by it to crumble into dust.[13]
  • Gladys and Corker were a pair from Liverpool. Gladys (a bartender) was turned by Dracula, who in turn changed Corker (a gilded lover) into a vampire as well. When their vampiric nature was discovered by the townsfolk, they were led by Father William, the local priest and staked to death.[14]
  • "Dracula's Legions" attempted to feed upon two lovers planning a trip to America, and were killed by Blade the Vampire Hunter.[15]
  • Lucas Brand was a member of a biker gang under the employ of Jason Faust.[14] In revenge for being attacked by Brand's gang, Dracula changed him into a vampire.[16]
  • Jason Faust was a wealthy explorer who visited Haiti on the advice of Quincy Harker. There he ran afoul of the local Voodoo practitioner who rendered him immobile with Voodoo magic. Rescued and returned to Britain, Faust was confined to an iron lung which drained his fortune keeping himself alive. Wishing revenge, he hired Lucas Brand and his biker gang to murder those he blamed for his condition. Due to Brand's beating of Dracula, the vampire lord got revenge on Brand, turning him into a vampire and sending him back to Faust. There Brand bit Faust turning him into a vampire before Faust could immobilize Brand with a voodoo doll. When the morning sun rose, the immobile Faust was incinerated.[16]
  • Edith Harker was the daughter of Quincy Harker. She was transformed into a vampire by Dracula as revenge against Harker for Quincy's constant attempts to slay him. After sending Dracula fleeing, Quincy is forced to kill his own daughter, staking her through the heart.[17]
  • Deacon Frost was responsible for killing Blade's mother as she gave birth to him.[18] In 1898 he was accidentally injected with a serum that turned him into a vampire. He gained the additional ability of being able to create doppelgangers of those he's bitten such as Blade (by proxy of the fact Frost fed upon his mother) and Hannibal King.
  • Turac was tesponsible for taking over Dracula's kingdom and killing his wife, he became Dracula's first victim afte being turned into vampire[19]. Turac then returned home and after having killed his family was in turn slain by his daughter Elianne.[20]
  • Gorna lived in the USSR and was married to a girl named Petra Vornik prior to being turned into a vampire by parties unknown. He attempted to claim his wife as a vampire. Drawing the attention of Dracula while he was in the region, Dracula battled Gorna to the death, burning him alive.[21]
  • Lilith was the daughter of Dracula by his first wife whom he left a year after Lilith was born, driving her to suicide.[22] She often battled against her father as revenge of how he had treated his mother.
  • An Unnamed Vampire once attacked Saffron, then the girlfriend of the vampire hunter Blade. He was killed by blade.[23]
  • Hannibal King was a private investigator who was turned into a vampire by Deacon Frost.[24]
  • Hannibal King came across Dracula and three other Vampires in the Walters Murder Case. Some where slain by King, most of them escaped.[24] Their current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Adri Nital' was the son of Taj Nital. He was turned into a vampire when Dracula attacked Jajpur, India.[25] The attack prompted Taj to join Quincy Harker's vampire hunters.
  • An army of vampires were risen from the grave by Dracula to search for the missing parts of the Chimera statue. If this army were vampires prior to Dracula using the tail of the Chimera to rise them, or were reanimated corpses turned into vampires by the tail remains unrevealed. They failed in their mission and the Chimera was destroyed,[26] their fate following the Chimera's destruction remains unrevealed.
  • Lydia Strang convinced Dracula to kill her husband Archibald Strang, who was vying for the position of Germany's President Minister in the 1800s. However, after he completed his task, she betrayed him so that Otto von Bismark could claim the position itself and she could gain power and status through their secret affair. Dracula got revenge on her after Otto exiled her from Germany, turning her into a vampire. By Dracula's account she was killed later that year by Abraham van Helsing.[27]
  • Kuai Hua was loyal to Dracula when he was residing in China in 1968. After he was led into a trap and staked by Blade the vampire hunter, Dracula was rescued by Kuai Hua and other vampires.[27] Her recent activity and current fate are presently unknown.
  • Two female vampires held Rachel van Helsing hostage to prevent Quincy Harker from killing Dracula. When Harker agreed to let Dracula free the two female vampires disappeared into the night,[28] their fate is unrevealed.
  • Daphne von Wilkinson tricked Dracula into killing those who she blamed for her failing fashion company. Dracula would turn Jackson Hardy, Martin Beatering, his wife Tilly, Ken Mitchell, Jack Bolt, Winston Twindle and a fashion model named Angie into vampires. When Dracula realized that Daphne had tricked him, he ordered his newly turned vampire charges to feed upon her.[29] Their ultimate fate remains unrevealed.
  • Deacon Frost turned a grave digger into a vampire to dig up a coffin containing a vampire doppelganger of Blade. Left in an apartment after being drained, he was found by both Blade and Hannibal King. Feeling betrayed by Frost, the grave digger told them of Frost's plot to take over the world with the doppelganger. After imparting his information, he was killed by Blade.[30]
  • Dracula led an army of vampires on an invasion of Vienna in the year 1810. This invasion would be thwarted by the intervention of the Golden Angel. His very presence was enough to drive Dracula away and cancel his invasion.[32]
  • Ilsa was a recently turned vampire that was experimented upon by Deacon Frost in Germany during the year 1863.[33]
  • Deacon frost had an army of vampires at his disposal, all of them doppelgangers based upon Blade and Hannibal King. They were all killed by Blade and Hannibal King.[33]
  • An unnamed vampire created a symbiotic link between itself and Lorianne the wife of former vampire hunter Musenda. This caused Lorianne to become a vampire during the daytime, and the root of the symbiosis was discovered by Rachel van Helsing. The vampire was eventually killed by Blade, restoring Lorianne to normal.[34]
  • A group of vampires loyal served Torgo Nia and attacked Dracula. A number of them were destroyed. Once Torgo was destroyed by Dracula, they presumably resumed their faithful subservience to Dracula.[35] They were later put to death by Dracula.[36]
  • Torgo Nia briefly usurped the role of king of the vampires during a brief period when Dracula was stripped of his powers by Satan. He was killed by Dracula in a fight for supremacy after Dracula regained his powers.[37]
  • Amber was an artist who was seduced and turned into a vampire by Dracula.[38] She painted increasingly horrifying pictures before finally deciding to end her vampiric life. She allowed the sun to disintegrate her after her final painting: a picture of herself being crucified.
  • Odette Byelai was a ballerina who was turned into a vampire by Dracula.[39] Although she was able to transform into a bird firm, she was a true vampire, and she lost her ability to appreciate music. While putting on a performance of Swan Lake, Dracula attempted to control her forcing her to change into a bat-like creature. Unwilling to live a life as a slave to Dracula, she impaled herself on splintered wood.
  • Three female vampires (Bettina was the only one that was named) attempted to seduce Dracula during a night of brooding in 1691, but he angrily sent them away.[6] Dracula stated that this trio were "Wantons" (prostitutes) that worked the back alleys of Bistriz. Their current fate is unknown.
  • Du Monte was a French doctor who practiced in the 1800s. Dracula sought the man out to find a cure for vampirism however Du Monte attempted to double cross Dracula and kill him. The attempt failed and Dracula got revenge by changing Du Monte into a vampire, the one thing that Du Monte feared the most.[6] His current fate is unknown.
  • Nazi commander Hauptman Kriss was a vampire possessed by the spirit of Dracula during the Nazi occupation of Transylvania during World War II. The spirit of Dracula would possess Kriss and make him unknowingly kill his own troops. Kriss would blame the resident gypsy population and order them exterminated. Eventually Dracula would take full control (altering Kriss' appearance to resemble that of Dracula's) and attack his second in command Willi Hanson. Hanson would be forced to drive a stake through his commanding officer's heart killing him.[19]
  • Nimrod was King of the Vampires circa 1452. He was challenged and killed in a Trial of the Stakes by Dracula shortly after Vlad was turned into a vampire.[40]
  • Nimrod had a group of vampires loyal to him. One of their number was a woman named Lala who attempted to seduce Dracula after Dracula had challenged Nimrod to a Trial of the Stakes for leadership of all vampires. Dracula rejected her advances, and later when Dracula battled Nimrod she attempted to slay Dracula. Dracula used her as a shield for an approaching stake, which killeed her instantly. Her interference also gave Dracula the upper hand in his battle against Nimrod. The others became loyal to Dracula following Nimrod's death,[40] their current fate is unknown.
  • Anton was a gypsy transformed into a vampire by Dracula.[41]
  • Bordia was a vampire who posed as a priest and took over Dracula's castle following his transformation into a vampire. Deciding that Transylvania had room for only one reigning vampire, he attacked Dracula and was easily slain by the newly crowned king of the vampires.[41]
  • Zina and Drusilla were but two women who were converted into vampires by Dracula to get revenge on a man named Durenyi, who in 1597 broke into Castle Dracula and stole Dracula's diary which told the people of Transylvania of his various weaknesses.[42] Their current fate is unknown.
  • Lorenza Serafina was the wife of Dracula's foe Cagliostro. In 1785, in revenge for attempts against his life by Cagliostro, Dracula turned Lorenza into a vampire.[43] Her fate following this is unknown.
  • Velanna was another female victim of Dracula. She was killed by her husband Lupescu.[44]
  • Some 20 years in the past during the 1800's, Dracula had turned the wife of Count Vryslaw into a vampire. Vryslaw locked up his wife and went out and kill young girls to bring her a fresh supply of blood. This eventually made the people of the town suspect Dracula, and prepare for him. Dracula learned the truth and attempted to slay Vryslaw, however Vryslaw died of a heart attack, but not before he killed his own wife as well with an arrow through the heart.[45]
  • A group of vampires existed in the US town of Kuttnerville in the Dakotas, among them a female who was in a relationship from the local Marshall. When the Marshall was forced into retirement he became a bounty hunter and accepted a bounty on Dracula. He killed the woman and other vampires that were hiding out in Dracula's castle in Transylvania.[46]
  • Marguerita was a gypsy vampire who tricked the Frankenstein's Monster into reviving Dracula in the year 1898. She was killed by the Monster.[47]
  • Carmen was the granddaughter of the vampire Marguerita. She was be turned into a vampire by Dracula in 1898, and Frankenstein's Monster was forced to slay her soon afterward.[48]
  • An unnamed female vampire ame to rescue Dracula in 1903 when he was targeted by Death. After being destroyed in the sun, Dracula summoned her to collect his ashes and revive him.[45] Her fate is unknown.
  • Dracula earned the ire of mobster Nick Diablo in Rome in 1926. Dracula turned all those who tried to complete the hit Diablo put out on Dracula. These people were Maria Petrella, Alonzo, Giuseppe, and Nick's girlfriend, Luisa Morelli. He sent them to slay Diablo.[13] Their fates are unknown.
  • Louis Belski was a hack actor who once had a big career playing Dracula in many films. After his latest feature "The Fangs of Dracula" was a complete flop he went mad, killing the producer and hiding out in the studio thinking that he himself was Dracula. Ironically, he ended up running afoul of the genuine article who was disgusted at his pathetic imitator. However, Dracula turned him into a vampire.[41]
  • Liza worked at the same studio as Louis Belski and was turned into a vampireby Dracula.[41]
  • Xarus was a son of Dracula who had plans against mutants.[49]
  • Mary Arnett was an actress who went to Belgium during WWII to entertain the soldiers but was vampirised the child vampire Esme Ceorces.[50]


Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 48 001

Marianne had three different encounters with Dracula. In 1875, her father Captain Cutlass attempted to rob a French ship carrying Dracula's coffin. For his trouble he was turned into a vampire and raised by his daughter until her second encounter with Dracula in Vienna, Italy in 1903, an encounter that ended in her fathers death. In Rome in the year 1923, Dracula targeted her husband Count Marcos De La Triana for his refusal to help Dracula ship coffins to America. De La Triana was turned into a vampire, and he turned Marianne into one as well. In modern times, Marco was killed by Blade, and Marianne, unable to live a lonely existence came to Dracula one final time to have him put her out of her misery.[31]

Ernst (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Ernst (Earth-616)


Ernst and Jarocha attempted to steal the Gehenna Stone from a San Francisco museum.[51]

Frankie (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Frankie (Earth-616) Captain America Vol 1 601


A soldier of the US Army stationed in Belgium during WWII, was vampirized by the child vampire Esme Ceorces and overnight began to assault his former comrades until the intervention of Captain America and Bucky that beheaded him.[50]

Jarocha (Earth-616)

Jarocha (Earth-616)


Jarocha and Ernst attempted to steal the Gehenna Stone from a San Francisco museum.[51]

Jeanie (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Jeanie (Vampire) (Earth-616) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 1 001


Frank Drake's lover, Jeanie was bitten by Dracula.[7] She eventually died after being exposed to sunlight.[8]

Maria (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Maria (Vampire) (Earth-616) from Dracula Lives Vol 1 6 001


Maria was shot in cold blood by her husband Richard when she asked him for a divorce. Found dying by Dracula, the vampire lord resurrected her as a vampire to get revenge against her husband.[52] She was eventually killed in Rome by Giuseppe Montesi.[53]

Maroney (Earth-616)

Maroney (Earth-616)


Maroney was one of the vampires who chased Patch and Archie Corrigan through the streets of San Francisco.[54]

Raoul (Vampire) (Earth-616)

Raoul (Vampire) (Earth-616)


Raoul lost his life delivering Dracula's invitation to Deadpool.[55]


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