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Quote1 Listen to this one! True story... Years ago, a giant alien called a Celestial came to our world. Literally to take it as his own. Except the mighty hand of Doom saved us. Doom destroyed it. And now its severed head floats in space above us... A glorious reminder of Doom's omnipotent power. A reminder of how safe we are. How lucky we are that Doom looks over us. In some parts of our world there are theories about this floating alien head... Stories about alien creatures living inside. But come on... There's crazy and then there is crazy. If there were aliens, we'd totally know about them... Quote2
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Knowhere is the second celestial object orbiting Battleworld, considered to be its moon. Knowhere is the decapitated head of a Celestial, said to have been slain by God Emperor Doom to protect Battleworld, and it remained orbiting the planet as a reminder of Doom's power. It is not of common knowledge that Knowhere is inhabited, therefore, its inhabitants are forbidden of leaving its territory.

Gamora left Knowhere many times, resulting in Angela being sent to Knowhere to deal with her. But she was rescued alongside Drax, who picked up a fight with Angela when she appeared asking for Gamora, by her fellow Guardian, Rocket Raccoon. They took shelter in Mantis' apartment, but there they were attacked by Yotat the Destroyer,[1] who was confronted by Drax months ago after he took revenge on Giogo, a mob boss who tried to kill him a year earlier. After defeating the Guardians, Yotat claimed Knowhere as his.[2]

The moment before Drax was going to be executed by Yotat, Angela arrived and saved him by striking the villain with a lightning bolt. Her intervention allowed Drax to recover and beat Yotat, weakening him enough a second attack from Angela finally defeated him. The Nova Corps appeared on the scene to take Yotat into custody, as they had previously failed to subdue him during his first encounter with Drax. After Yotat was handed over the Nova Corps, Angela resumed her business with Gamora. Angela demanded Gamora an explanation for heresy, as she did not see Doom as a supreme ruler. Gamora's failure to properly explain the reason behind her belief to Angela resulted in a confrontation, which was interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious woman through a portal.[3]

At first astonished by the woman's appearance, Angela and Gamora tried to communicate with her, but they didn't recognize her language. Despite Gamora saying to Angela to disarm herself in order to calm the warrior down, Angela didn't listen and they were attacked and defeated by her. The Nova Corps showed up soon afterwards and tried to take her down, but she overcame them, killing many of them in the process before recognizing the Kree symbol on Captain Marvel's chest. With the mysterious warrior distracted, Angela and Gamora back-stabbed her with their swords, seemingly killing her. Later, Angela tried to convince Gamora to stay in Knowhere and obey the laws created by Doom, but Gamora couldn't do it. As Gamora tried to explain her reasons to trespass to other domains, the believed dead mysterious woman back-stabbed Angela and killed her. Furious, Gamora attacked her and was almost killed, but was saved by her teammates. Together, the Guardians managed to finally defeat the warrior.

While Gamora grieved Angela's death and tried to remember what was lost, Peter Quill appeared to enlist the Guardians to take God Emperor Doom down.[4]

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