It is unknown how Claudia became Know-It-All. Know-It-All was a member of Generation Next, a group of mutants gathered by Magneto and trained by Colossus and Shadowcat to be the next generation of X-Men. She often acted in passive capacities, such as monitoring the groups training sessions.

She helped Magneto locate mutants with temporal abilities to aid in restoring the fracturing of reality. She was able to locate Illyana Rasputin, Colossus's long lost sister, who had a latent mutant ability that could allow her to time travel. This information prompted Magneto to send Generation Next to the Seattle Core, a massive power station that powered all of Apocalypse's empire, to rescue Illyana.[1]

Generation Next infiltrated the Core while Know-It-All monitored their progress. She reported back to Colossus and Shadowcat when the group succeeded in finding Illyana. She also detected when the group hit trouble, prompting her to suggest Colossus and Shadowcat help them.[2]

Know-It-All was believed to be the only surviving member of Generation Next until Paige Guthrie resurfaced alive years later.

  • The original Age of Apocalypse story was written before Scott Lobdell left the X-books. His original intention for the character of Monet St. Croix was for her to only be a fake persona used by twins who were joined together. The appearance of Know-It-All was intended as a clue towards Monet's true nature in the regular Earth-616 continuity. Since then, later writers have reversed that decision, introducing a true Monet into continuity. The idea of any connection between Know-It-All and Monet seems to have been abandoned by Marvel, at least for now.
  • The idea that real Monet St.Croix never existed is problematic since if the real Monet was never meant to exist and she was only meant to be a merged amalgam of the M-twins then it raises the question about the identity of Know-It-All. She couldn't have been Monet St.Croix if the real Monet St.Croix never existed. But considering that Lady Penance was a resurrected Monet St.Croix it's possible that Monet St.Croix had become the machine-like Know-It-All before she died and then was resurrected as fully humanoid Lady Penance once again by Prophet.

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