At puberty, the mutant gene of the young Japanese girl named Kiza activated, granting her a touch that turned matter into solid gold and skin that burned in contact with oxygen. Her parents were approached by a mysterious man named Lord Yaru, who promised them that he could treat her condition. She was taken into his custody, but he locked her in a one-room cell with a nitrogenous atmosphere and forced her to produce gold for him.[1]

Her plight came to the attention of X-Man, who had become mutantkind's "tribal shaman" and dedicated himself to helping mutants in need, wherever they were. Using his massive telekinetic abilities, he freed Kiza from her cell and defeated Lord Yaru and his men, making Yaru swear at his feet to never hurt mutants again. He then showed Kiza the outside world and its beauty for the first time in years of her life, filtering the oxygen from the air around her as he did so. He offered to move her to another planet with an atmosphere than had no oxygen, but she refused, as that meant she would be alone again. Thanking Nate for showing her the world, Kiza turned her golden touch on herself, committing suicide.[1]


Kiza's touch restructured any solid matter it came in contact with into pure gold.


Her skin was also very sensitive to oxygen, producing an intense burning sensation upon contact. She also wasn't immune to her own transmutation power.

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