Kistur was the alien Charles Little Sky stole his Darkhawk armor from. Kistur once tried to kill Little Sky and Little Sky was forced to shoot him which dislodged Kistur's Darkhawk amulet from his armor and killing him. Little Sky not being able to use this Darkhawk amulet as it was drained of power dumped the amulet in another dimension (Ocsh would later send Darkhawk to retrieve this amulet).

Little Sky stole the armor off of Kistur's Darkhawk body and took the name Portal and became an ally of Darkhawk. The Mahari Brothers merged Kistur's corpse with two Darkhawk armors to create Overhawk. The two armors were held in storage in Ocsh's ship and at that time did not belong to hosts. Overhawk swore vengeance on Earth and battled Portal and Darkhawk. Kistur and the Mahari Brothers were of warring ethnic groups but from the same planet.

Much of Overhawk's origin was rendered moot with the revelation that Chris Powell hallucinated Evilhawk and other Darkhawk armor related characters such as Overhawk and Osch.

Kistur 02 (Earth-616)

Portal could not use Kistur's amulet after he killed him so he dumped the amulet in another dimension. Darkhawk would later retrieve the amulet as its decay threatened the destruction of the multiverse. [1]

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