Quote1 The Valley of Doom wasn't exactly hospitable before Governor Roxxon diverted the river for his mining concern. Quote2
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The Kirby River provided water to the Valley of Doom and to Red Wolf's People until it was diverted by Governor Roxxon's Dam, robbing the land of water.[1]

Red Wolf, alongside eleven other warriors were sent to "Wage War on the Dam" with explosives, knowing that they would likely not survive.[2]

Red Wolf was arrested by Sheriff Rogers of Timely after being almost lynched by Mayor Fisk's men.[3] After Rogers was shot by Bullseye, one of Roxxon's men, Red Wolf hid with Natasha Barnes.[4]

Red Wolf convinced Natasha and Doctor Bruce Banner, while hiding in the house of Hank Pym, who had been exiled over The Shield[5], to blow up the dam with Banner's experimental explosives on the condition that Red Wolf would kill Mayor Fisk [6].

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Roxxon Dam (Destroyed)


The river is named after classic Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby.

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