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Mr. McFadden (government liaision)
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Created by Irish government as a super-human response force.
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A team of super-heroes sponsored by the Irish government, the Kinsmen were considered Ireland's answer to the Avengers.

The Kinsmen were sent to Cassidy Keep to collect Sean Cassidy in the early morning hours for a long overdue debriefing by officials of the Irish government. However, the team discovered that he was not home, but they were greeting by his daughter, Theresa and the Seneschal, Eamon O'Donnell.

The team were brusk in their conversations with Theresa, demanding to know where her father was to the point a fight broke out between her and the Kinsmen. Teleplex, who had remained in the helicopter with their government liaison, Mr. McFadden, monitored their situation inside Cassidy Keep. At some point Teleplex's remote viewing of the situation was interrupted until Highlander came flying through the air out of Cassidy Keep. At this point Highlander wanted to retire from the battle as it seemed to be damaged. Moments later the rest of the team also left the building as they were unable to defeat the young mutant.

Soon the angry Irishwoman took the defeated team to Mr. McFadden and Teleplex, telling them to leave her and her father alone and call first before they ever return to Cassidy Keep. Mr. McFadden cried when she destroyed their expensive high-tech helicopter and left them to find their own way home. [1]

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