The tomb of King Solomon is a massive burial chamber located in the Atlas Mountains in northwest Africa. It was erected between 970 and 928 BCE. In addition to housing the remains of King Solomon, it also contains an immense chamber filled with riches. The most notable item discovered within the tomb were a pair of twin brass frogs. Each frog possessed remarkable abilities. One frog functioned as a time machine, while another could warp space. When used in concert, the frogs could alter reality.

A famous story involving both the frogs and the tomb took place over a thousand years ago in which a young man named Alladin summoned forth a mystical creature after accidentally rubbing up against the frogs.

In the 20th century, a contentious group of fortune hunters known as the Collectors embarked upon a quest to enter the tomb and acquire the frogs. One of the Collectors, Abner Little, told the story of the Frogs to the king of Wakanda, T'Challa. T'Challa (better known as the Black Panther) discovered that his grandfather, Azzuri the Wise, once possessed one of the frogs.

The Black Panther and Abner Little traveled through the Atlas Mountains and discovered the tomb. After an altercation with the tomb's guardian, the Ogar, they engaged in a battle with one of Little's rivals, Princess Zanda. During the melee, the time-frog activated, creating a portal which called forth a being from six-million years in the future known as Hatch-22. Hatch-22 was defeated and ultimately returned to his native time period.

Afterwards, Little and Zanda argued over whom should maintain possession of the Frogs. The Black Panther took the matter into his own hands and seemingly destroyed the powerful relics. The resulting explosion caused a cave-in, which destroyed the tomb.

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