King Cycle and his gang nearly ran over Red Wolf and quickly took off during the ensuing struggle, claiming that Red Wolf was "bad news." Red Wolf soon ran into a mohawk policewoman named Jill Tomahawk who had been knocked out by the gang while they were casing a local museum to rob. Tomahawk saw capturing the gang as being her big chance to make a name for herself and to prove that women were just as capable at police work as men.

Red Wolf later confronted King Cycle and his gang at the museum, having been tipped off to the robbery by Tomahawk. Just before Red Wolf could finish off the gang, however, Jill showed up and was taken hostage by one of the gang members, forcing Red Wolf to allow them to escape. The bikers trail was soon picked up by Red Wolf's faithful wolf, Lobo, and the pair followed the trail to a large mansion which the bikers used as a hideout. Red Wolf entered the mansion and soon found Jill Tomahawk tied to a large spinning wheel in the basement which spun faster as someone neared it, and slowed down as they backed away. Red Wolf then left in search of the power source so he could rescue her. Instead he found a large chamber which appeared to be a Buddist temple belonging to King Cycle. Red Wolf then defeated King Cycle's gang and followed Cycyle himself through a trap door where Cycle started the Spinning Wheel so it could not be stopped. Red Wolf, however, punched out King Cycle and then smashed the fuse box supplying the Disc, cutting its power and shutting it down. Red Wolf then called the cops to come pick up King Cycle and his vicious gang.




King Cycle is a superb motorcyclist and is proficient in the use of a chain as a weapon. He is also a very capable art thief and appears to be some sort of Buddist monk.


  • King Cycle has access to elaborate death trap devices, such as the spinning disc.
  • He also had a gang of motorcyclists at his command who used chains, pipes, swords and disc guns as weapons.


Harley-Davidson motorcycle


Chains and pipes. He also invented special disc guns that fired small, spinning buzzsaw blades which he equipped his entire gang with.

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