In the 1940s King Bolo was the ruler of the Birdmen of the planet Sunev. When Earth explorers Zephyr Jones and Corky Grogan would arrive on Earth, it would fulfill the legends that the closely related planets would interact with each other. Zephyr and his comrade would be welcomed with open arms by King Bolo and they would exchange information and technology.

However, the jealous General Roudo a spy for the evil Parrot-Men would frame Zephyr and Corky as spying on the Birdmen. With no evidence to the contrary, King Bolo would sentence Zephyr and Corky to be executed the following day. However, the Parrot-Men would attack before their sentence could be carried out and the two me would prove their innocence by fighting back the Birdmen with their guns and exposing Roudo s the traitor. In the battles aftermath, Bolo would have Roudo executed and thank the Earthmen for their help. When Zephyr and Corky prepared to leave Sunev, Bolo would invite them to return and suggest regular visits to his world.[1]

If this invitation has been extended remains unrevealed.


King Bolo was an avian humanoid who could fly thanks to the wings that grow out of his back. Presumably he has physical adaptions that are commonly associated with avian humanoids including hollow bones and specially treated eyes to provide wind resistance.

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