Kimura was X-23's handler in the Facility that created X-23 and assigns X-23 her missions. Throughout Kimura's time as X-23's handler, she abused X-23, finding any excuse to bully her, regardless of whether X-23 failed or not.

After X-23 escaped the Facility, Kimura has made it her duty to track down X-23, bring her back to the Facility, and kill anyone X-23 has come in contact with.


Kimura was born to an abusive alcoholic father and a negligent mother. Her life at home also mimicked her life at school, where she was also abused and tormented by her peers. Through unspecified means and at some point in time, Kimura's grandmother became her caregiver. At once, her grandmother tried to heal the emotional damage inflicted upon Kimura through nurturing, love, and understanding.

However, by that point in time the emotional scars were pemanent and her grandmother's attempts to reach her were futile. After her grandmother's fatal heart attack, Kimura took off, eventually coming into contact with the Facility. She then underwent some unspecified procedure that granted her physical invulnerability, density control, and reconstruction.

She then exacted revenge against those in her past who had wronged her. During her time at the Facility, Kimura eventually assumed the same abusive role as the people who victimized her in the past, particularly with X-23.

The Facility

As an agent of the Facility, Kimura became X-23’s handler. She abused X-23, finding any excuse to bully her, regardless of whether X-23 failed or not. After X-23 escaped the Facility, Kimura made it her duty to track down X-23, bring her back to the Facility, and kill anyone X-23 has come in contact with.

She eventually tracks X-23 to San Francisco, where Laura is living with her Aunt Debbie and her cousin Megan. During a raid on Debbie’s house, Kimura breaks X-23’s neck. She then uses adamantium handcuffs to handcuff herself to Laura and drags her downstairs to Debbie and Megan where she threatens and begins to put her finger through Megan's heart. Laura recovers from her injuries, cuts off her own hand and handcuffs Kimura to a pipe.

Laura tells Megan and Debbie to get her duffel bag and take what they absolutely need and that they have 3 minutes to leave the house. Laura reattaches her hand while Kimura says that everyone she loves will die and that she will be the one who kills them. Laura cuts open a gas pipe and turn on the light, causing an explosion.

Encounter with the New X-Men

Eventually she tracks X-23 to the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Once there, Kimura proceeds to lure “her” out in the open so that she can capture her but it eventually turns out Kimura is actually after Mercury who is captured. She and X-23 fight but she injures Laura and gets away with Cess.

When she arrives back at the Facility, she watches as they test their new experiment, Predator X upon the mutant, Mammomax, much to her pleasure.

Eventually, X-23 and Hellion track her to the Facility. She uses a sonic device that only mutants can hear and stabs X-23 in the shoulder. Hellion picks her up and smashes her into a wall. Laura tells him to kill her, but he refuses, and uses his telekinesis to throw her away [1].

Emma Frost (Earth-616) and Kimura (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 2 36 0001

Emma erasing Kimura's memories of her grandmother [1]

Kimura eventually makes her way back to the Xavier Institute and makes another attempt to kill Laura. Emma Frost comes across her and mind-wipes her, making her forget about her grandmother--the only influential and positive person in her life. Emma tells Kimura that she is nothing but a bully who is trying to harm others to make up for her own sad childhood full of sorrow and being bullied. Emma controls Kimura’s mind and makes her hunt down the leaders of the Facility, particularly Professor Harkins who oversaw the experiments done on Cessily[1].

Not Forgotten

Kimura somehow fails to kill Harkins, but manages to give him a limp before she is freed from Emma Frost's mind control. She resumes working for the Facility, and when Agent Young and Agent Morales (who is not working for the Facility) manage to capture X-23, Kimura is ordered to handle her and take a DNA-sample from her.

Kimura decides to saw off X-23's entire arm. Morales manages to free X-23 by shooting Kimura in the head, but Kimura recovers quickly and chases them. X-23 traps her under a heavy door and she is freed from it just in time to save Harkins from X-23.

Harkins wants X-23 alive so that the Facility can use her again, but Kimura wants X-23 dead, and kills Harkins. Before she can kill X-23, Morales throws a Molotov cocktail on her that sets her on fire. X-23 and Morales manage to escape, but Kimura survives and tells X-23 that she will never stop hunting her, and that she will hunt down and kill everyone X-23 loves, starting with Megan Kinney.

All-New Wolverine

Kimura later resurfaced aiding The Sisters, as she desired vengeance against Alchemax Genetics for the theft of what she considered her property, so destroyed the installation where the girls were being held to facilitate their escape. She further provided them with the weapons and equipment they used during their rampage. Following their success, Kimura took Bellona into custody as part of the agreement in order to retrieve the nanotechnology Alchemax implanted in her body. She allowed Gabby to go free in the care of Wolverine.[2]

In the intervening period, Kimura had seized control of a substantial part of Madripoor, absorbing the smaller criminal gangs one by one until she was left second only to Tyger Tiger. In order to rid herself of her rival, and to regain control of X-23, she set in motion a chain of events that lured Laura to the island, at which point she dispatched Roughouse and Bellona to capture her. Upon confronting the new Wolverine, she revealed she had located Megan and Debbie's hiding place, and used it as leverage against Laura committing suicide to prevent Kimura from using her again. After a week of torture, she unleashed Laura against Tyger, having infected her blood with the trigger scent during a previous assassination attempt. However Kimura's plans were thwarted by Gabby and Gambit.[3]

Kimura tracked the group to one of Tyger's safehouses, attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. forces hunting Laura for the Daylesville massacre, and forcing a confrontation with Laura, Gabby, Gambit, Tyger, Jean Grey, and Laura's boyfriend Warren, the latter two having arrived to help break Laura of the trigger scent. During the fight, Kimura attempted to turn Laura against them with the trigger, only to discover it was no longer working, and fled as a general fight broke out. Laura and Warren set off in pursuit, and she shot and disabled the latter, forcing Laura down to rescue him from the ocean.

Handler and Asset then confronted each other on the beach, Laura determined to reclaim her life and put an end to Kimura once and for all. When Kimura smugly reminded her that there was nothing she could do to hurt her, Laura reminded her that even if her body and mind were indestructible, she still needed to breathe. Kimura finally met her end when Laura drowned her in the ocean shallows.[4]


Kimura's body was designed specially to rival X-23 in an experimental process to achieve regeneration. The outcome being a small sub-conscious control of her own molecule structure.

  • Molecule Manipulation: Kimura possesses a limited ability to phase (pass) herself through the spaces between object's molecules both subsequently ending unharmed and undamaged, if she so chooses. The extent of this was once able to reach inside someone and pull their brains out but an apparent weakness towards adamantium is shown as-well an inability to phase all portions of her body at once needing her to move around walls or open doors as a human.
  • Density Invulnerability: Using a minor form of density control she compacts her molecules increasing Mass (weight) while keeping intact her Volume (size by length, width, and dept) this in effect increases her Density (damage durability) making her virtually indestructible and impervious to even adamantium weapons, her insides, however, are not as indestructible. Still keeping a compact construct of her nerves she can feel the impact but no pain and is not damaged by explosion, fire or high falls.
  • Psychic Defenses: At some point following her encounter with Emma Frost Kimura had her mind shielded against telepathy.


Weapon X training.

Strength level

Unknown, though she is seen in X-23 Target X #5 to have the ability to kill a person by simply driving her fingers into their body, without damaging herself physically.


  • Her insides are not as indestructible as her skin, if they can reach her internal organs for example, she can be damaged. Point-blank grenade and high falls have stunned her.
  • She could formally be affected by any telepathic attack, however this was rectified at some point after her encounter with Emma Frost.
  • An apparent weakness towards Adamantium leaving her unable to pass her molecules through it, and if thrown or used with enough velocity and strength can pierce her hardest skin.
  • An inability to phase all portions of her body at once, needing her to move around walls or open doors as a human.
  • Although her body is indestructible, Kimura still has a normal metabolism and respiratory system. She's therefore vulnerable to choking, suffocation, and drowning the same as any other human being.


Whatever The Facility provides. An example would be a sonic resonator she uses to subdue X-23 and Hellion when they attempt to save Mercury.


Trucks, cars, or whatever The Facility provides.


Can be seen using a bow gun and a high-powered rifle, but will carry other weapons like grenades.

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